'Today we win': Men's conference in Waco aims to end fatherlessness & poverty

Posted at 11:19 AM, Dec 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-18 17:57:24-05

WACO, Texas — Leading young men to be the best versions of themselves is not an easy task for those growing up in a home without a father.

One organization in Waco is looking to change the outlook for young boys growing up without their fathers.

Dozens of young men from the Waco community got much need affirmations and tools to grow at the 2022 Today We Win Men’s Conference.

Darryl Thomas Jr., founder of Size of a Man, started the nonprofit in 2013, being a mentor that many young men need.

“A lot of our young men — they may be talented, they may be intelligent and have these different gifts that can take them pretty far, but their character is going to keep them," Thomas said. "So, we really focus on that character education piece, and that leadership development piece.”

Activities involving teambuilding and working together gave these young men a different prospective. The young men heard from financial leaders on how to manage their money.

As well as becoming a business owner and what it takes to get a business started, Size of a Man is aiming to break the cycles of fatherlessness and poverty, encouraging these men to be the best they can.

“You hanging around the wrong people, that could lead to you going down the same path as him, and when you’re on the path to greatness with people that also want to be great, its easier to be successful and fins success in what you love and what your passionate about,” 11th grader Drew Barefield said.

A message these young men will take with them, helping others that need the right leadership.

“It’s important to ask for help, no matter what," 9th grader Elijah Reid said. "Even if you are a girl or a boy, no matter what you are going through, no matter how much help you need it’s okay to ask.”

Teaching young men every action is an influence whether good or bad. Size of a Man encourages these young men to be the best they can.

“Start living that life right now, you got to make the decision today," Thomas said. "Then guess what? You have to make it again tomorrow and then again, the next day and into the next year right.

"You have to keep making a decision. But know that today you do win as long as you don’t quit.”

If you would like to get involved with the organization, you are encouraged to reach out to through their website or by phone at (512) 521-2743