This 4-year-old's epic 'Little Mermaid' hair is something you have to 'sea' to believe

Posted at 5:58 AM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 06:58:24-04

HOUSTON — A 4-year-old girl’s “Little Mermaid” hairstyle has been making quite a splash on social media.

April Castillo wanted to go outside the box for her daughter Atlantis’ “Crazy Hair” day at her Houston Pre-K, so she decided to turn to Pinterest for some inspiration.

“I’ve always loved mermaids. My oldest is named Ariel,” Castillo said. “’The Little Mermaid’ is my favorite Disney movie, so I wanted to do something like that for Atlantis’ hair.”

Castillo went on Pinterest and found mermaid hairstyles with paper dolls. She doesn’t own a printer, so she decided to get creative.

Atlantis had an Ariel Barbie doll already, so Castillo decided to make that the center piece of her hairstyle. There was only one problem.

“We couldn’t find Ariel’s bikini top anywhere. We looked all night,” Castillo said. “I couldn’t send her with a topless doll in her hair, so my husband cut a tiny bikini top out of tape and colored it purple.”

Castillo finished the look with some green washable hair paint and sent Anastasia off to school. When she finished, she sent the pictures to her family group text including her teenage daughter, Ariel Romero.

What happened next shocked them both.

Castillo received a call from Romero that afternoon saying, “I think Anastasia is going viral. I posted the picture of her hair on Twitter this morning. It’s been shared 10,000 times.”

“She told me her Twitter was crashing,” Castillo said. “I am still in disbelief.”

Romero said her sister was devastated when she had to take her mermaid hairdo down, and even insisted that her mom let her wear it to her gymnastics practice that night.

Thankfully, Castillo has been able to recreate the magic for Atlantis.

“I’ve done the hair style twice since crazy hair day at school because Atlantis loved it so much,” Castillo said.

We hope to “sea” this hairstyle more often!