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Thieves steal 200 pounds of marijuana from warehouse in WA

Posted at 9:25 AM, Sep 05, 2019

KELSO, WA — Surveillance video shows thieves breaking into a warehouse and stealing a quarter of a million dollars of cannabis in Kelso, WA.

"This entire room was filled with cannabis flower top to bottom originally and they emptied it out," Courtny Roberts, Co-owner of Cascade Mountain Cannabis said.

Security cameras caught the thieves stuffing about 200 pounds of fresh buds into bags. At least 5 thieves are seen stealing about a quarter of a million dollars of marijuana.

"Tthey cut through metal, wood, sheetrock, framing - everything, and cut a hole right there, that's where they all came in," Roberts said.

Security cameras captured the thieves breaking in through the back.

Cascade Mountain Cannabis' owners say the burglars seemed to know exactly where to go but they didn't seem to know how much of them was caught on camera.

And even though they smashed some of the cameras, others continued recording. The burglars spent about 2 hours bagging up the buds-the crop was supposed to be headed to the retail market later that day.

"it would have been our first fall crop it would have been getting trimmed and packaged this week its a huge hit financially for our business I hope we make it through this," Roberts said.

The business does have a commercial alarm system, but the motion detectors did not set off alarms.

The business owners are offering a $5,000 reward for information that helps get the thieves arrested.

The owners are still stunned by the loss.

"Very surreal sick to my stomach. I can't believe this happened we work really hard, its our livelihood to have someone come take it,” Roberts said.