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Girl born without arms creates colorful paintings all by herself. Here’s how she wants to help others.

Posted at 6:11 AM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 07:11:21-04

Like many young girls, Minh Best loves to paint, and she's found a unique way to approach her craft.

The 4-year-old was born without arms, and adopted from Vietnam by parents Sarah and Justin Best. To make her vibrant artwork, she uses her feet to hold the brush and create each colorful stroke.

“She is the happiest child, and because she was born without any arms (and didn’t lose them in an accident), she doesn’t know any different." Sarah Best explained to "Good Morning America." "For her, she’s not missing anything. She’s was always meant to be just the way she is!"

Minh says it best to anyone who asks: "God just made me this way!"

The joyous 4-year-old has not let anything hold her back, especially from doing what she loves: painting. And she's pretty incredible at it.

The talented young girl can paint anything from abstract, to still life and everything in between. "Flowers with sparkles" is her definite favorite.

Her paintings have grown from an artistic hobby into a way for Minh and her parents to raise the funding for her to attend Camp No Limits.

“[Camp No Limits] is a camp for individuals with limb differences,” Best told "GMA." "We are trying to get out West next year as there are campers who are missing arms like Minh and we want her to meet them."

Online and direct messages with specific requests are common ways Minh’s paintings have sold so others can enjoy her creations. Local shops and pop-ups bring the magic to life as Minh will set up camp on the floor and paint live.

"Several people have told us, with tears in their eyes, how blessed they are to get to see her do what she loves," Best said.

The family has already raised more than $5,000, helping pay for travel expenses to two camps just this year.

"When she attends these camps, she's not the one in the crowd, she’s just one of the crowd," Best remarked.

As her masterpieces continue to fly off the shelves, Minh’s family would love to be able to help other kids attend these camps as well by being able to offer financial assistance through these donations.

"Attending these camps, she’s already inspired others as well," Best said. "Again, her love for life is just contagious and it gives people of all ages hope, even at these camps."

Minh will continue to paint, cook, dance and do everything that brings her joy without limitations.

You can check out Minh artwork on Facebook and on Instagram.