‘The boys of the Fall’: Brazos Valley student-athletes prepare for new season

Posted at 1:54 PM, Aug 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-08 21:49:13-04

BRYAN, Texas — From Kyle Field to Merril Green Stadium, football season is returning across The Brazos Valley especially for one team of athletes from a league where home is every piece of who they are.

“Years ago, before I was around we had kids or anything like that – there was a group of people who got together and they realized they wanted to provide for their kids that were homeschooled some of the thing that national honor society and sports – they see the huge value in those things and they wanted to make sure those kids weren’t missing out.” Said Howard Tipton, Head coach of the Brazos Valley Mustangs.

The Brazos Valley Mustangs are one of many homeschool teams apart of the Texas Association of Independent Athletic Organizations (TAIAO), teaching Christian values.

One homeschool father says no matter what style of education a child gets, every child deserves the same opportunities no matter where the classroom is.

“No matter what education is we believe that there is a great opportunity for people to develop their character when playing sports.” Said Tyler Hardy, Father of Homeschool student.

Hardy says some life skills aren’t learned at home, but taught from strong leadership such as The Mustang’s coaches.

“There’s certain things you just can’t teach at the dinner table, but you can only teach out on the field. Being a part of this – being a part of The Mustangs gives him an opportunity to say “hey – these are coaches that are pushing [us] and developing [our] character.” At the same time we know they are getting positive influences from players and coaches as well.” Said Hardy.

Approaching his junior year with The Mustangs, Jake Pote says how these small group of coaches have made a big impact on his life.

“I mean with coach Tipton he always inspires us to work hard and go out, he always does the 4 quarter drill which is a lot of running, our bodies may want us to quit but we need not to quit – mind over matter.” Said Jake Pote, Junior and Mustang’s Player.

From players to coaches, this tight-knit-team says overall it doesn’t matter where you choose to learn, but together as team we can all be The boys of The Fall.

The Brazos Valley Mustangs get to take the field Friday, August 26 against Allen Academy as the home team.
Below you can find a link to their schedule and how you can help support The Mustangs.

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