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Texas Voices: 5J Dancehall

Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-22 21:56:47-04

(KXXV) — This weekend, 5J Dancehall opens in McGregor.

It's just a short drive from Waco, but the pint-sized powerhouse behind the operation is proof that small town girls have big dreams.

"When they think classic country, they will think 5J Dancehall," said owner Emily Jones Roberts.

On the original skating rink floor that used to entertain the masses in McGregor, new memories will be made in Emily Jones Roberts' new dance hall.

"To step back and just listen to the music. And just let all your troubles, leave them at the door. Just two step and smile and have a good time," Jones said.

This is a dream that started on her father's ranch.

"My dad raises cattle and my last name is Jones and 5J is our cattle brand. Just going out to the ranch feeding cows, I don't remember one single time where there wasn't old country jammin' on the radio," said Jones.

Back when country music told stories and the center of community converged on a wooden dance floor.

"We travel around. Go dancing. We go to Gruene Hall, Luckenbach. We've been to lots of dance halls. I come back to Waco and think we've been missing something here," Jones said.

But, not anymore.

Emily's love for making what's old, new, guided eight successful years at her Waco antique store "Junque in the Trunk." Now, 5J Dancehall in McGregor is her greatest adventure.

"Dance lessons every Thursday night and Friday and Saturday we are live music every weekend," said Emily.

And local means something to the Hubbard native.

From the sign-maker who has a shop in McGregor, to 100-year-old brick from Coolidge, a small Limestone county community, that will now be the backdrop of one of the dance hall bars.

It's taken a tough Texan with the moxie of Miranda and a heart like Dolly to make this honky tonk tale come true.

"If you don't give up and you follow your heart and your gut, eventually it happens," said Emily.

Check out the dance hall lineup at their website.

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