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Trump in Texas: "Better days for farmers ahead"

Posted at 11:06 PM, Jan 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-20 00:08:32-05

AUSTIN, TX — President trump in Texas Sunday night demonstrated to the American Farm Bureau convention, his ability to deliver on his campaign promises to negotiate better trade deals for American farmers and families.

The President addressed the one hundred first convention of the American Farm Bureau in Austin Sunday night, and as you might expect, he didn't confine his remarks to agriculture.

Yes, he came to Texas to extol the virtues of his trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada... but with his impeachment trial looming in the week ahead, he couldn't help but get some jabs in at the democrats.

"We're achieving what no administration has ever achieved before," he said.

President Donald Trump tells Texas farmers, he's delivered for them on some important promises... namely trade deals that will put money in their pockets.

Just one thing:

"what do i get out of it? Tell me. I get impeached. That's what i get out of it. By these radical left lunatics. I get impeached. But that's okay. The farmers are sticking with trump. They're sticking with Trump," he beamed.

And Texas farmers say, that's largely true.

They stand to benefit handsomely from the China deal in particular, to the tune of 40 to 50 billion dollars.

The president also addressed the issue of estate taxes which force some to give up their land because they can't afford to pass it on to the next generation.

"Is there anybody here that does not love their children and does not want to leave their beautiful farm to their children? Anybody here? Come on, you have guts. I think farmers have a lot of guts," he said.

Because independent farmers often depend on profits from good crop years to pay bills in years where crops don't do so well.

The president says, thanks to his improved deals with Mexico, Canada and especially China, farmers can once again afford to invest in their future.

"I've told everybody, you got to buy a lot of land and you've got to get much bigger tractors right now because we did a great deal with China, great for our country and hopefully it's great for China too, cause we're going to sell them the greatest product you've ever seen," said the president.

the China deal includes 200 Billion in spending from the Chinese for American products over 2 years.