Teen boy charged after 13-year-old Detroit girl gave birth inside bathroom

Posted at 9:23 AM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-02 10:23:57-04

A 16-year-old Detroit boy has been charged with third degree criminal sexual conduct after a 13-year-old Detroit girl gave birth to a baby with no pulse inside a bathroom on Monday.

According to police, the Detroit Fire Department received a 911 call on Monday to a home on the west side.

Detroit Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell said they found the 13-year-old unconscious on the toilet. The baby was found on the floor with the placenta attached, wrapped in a blanket, gasping for breath. The firefighters treated the girl and baby.

Firefighters and emergency personnel gave aid to the infant and the mother, and transported them both to the hospital for treatment. Both were stabilized in the emergency room and then transferred to Children's Hospital.

"The first responders saved the kid's life, no doubt about it," Fornell said.

The 13-year-old told responders that she did not know she was pregnant.

The 12-year-old sister of the teen called 911. Officials are not sure if they were the only two in the home at the time, but they were the only two listed on the report.

According to the prosecutor's office, it is alleged the 16-year-old had sex with the 13-year-old several times since July 2018. He was given a $5,000/10 percent bond during a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.