Suspect steals ambulance from hospital, SWAT team gets involved

Houston Police Swat Team
Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-20 19:51:45-04

HOUSTON — An ambulance was stolen from a Texas hospital by a suspect who managed to escape his arrest while being treated for injuries, according to Houston police.

Asst. Chief Hardin said the suspect was initially arrested on burglary charges and later charged with possession of a controlled substance late Monday night.

The suspect told police he had a prior injury to his neck and arm which prompted the officers to transport him to the hospital. Tuesday morning the suspect told the nurse he need to use the bedroom. No officer was present in the room but posted outside the door, Hardin said.

The nurse declined his request and told the suspect to use a bedpan due to the extent of his injuries, according to police. The suspect became upset which prompted the posted officer to enter the room and assist the nurse to calm him down.

Upon trying to handcuff the suspect to his bed, he managed to escape his hold and ran out of the room, police said. Police stated the posted officer pursued the suspect on foot.

The suspect managed his way outside the hospital and to the ambulance bay where paramedics were removing a patient from the vehicle, police said.

According to police, the suspect took the opportunity and stole the vehicle, starting a pursuit ending with the suspect striking a parked vehicle near Boone.

The suspect soon entered a house, police said. A female and possible acquaintance of the suspect shared his whereabouts.

Police also said this was near the initial burglary site.

Houston's SWAT team arrived and began negotiations with the suspect and said he was known of having "violent tendencies," said SWAT Commander Megan Howard.

Howard said the suspect exited the house and spoke with police and negotiators, "bantering" with them saying he was going to flee and not go to jail. She said additionally the suspect was looking for possible escape routes while speaking with police.

Howard also stated the suspect did indeed try to flee and was soon subdued by authorities through non-lethal weapons.

Howard said the suspect was transported back to the hospital and will be facing additional charges.