Educating on the solar eclipse with 'Steamclipse'

Learning STEM education with STEAM
Posted at 6:57 AM, Apr 08, 2024

WACO, Texas — The City of Waco and Region 12 Education Service Center put on an educational day with multiple scientific activities and speaking events circling around the solar eclipse happing Monday, April 8th.


It’s an educational way to get geared up for the solar eclipse.

“This is our goal and one of our missions is to build STEM awareness opportunity and education, the eclipse is a perfect environment to do that,” Andi Parr, Education Specialist at Region 12, said.

The City of Waco and Region 12 Education Service Center put together a unique learning environment Saturday at the Waco Convention Center — circling around the big event and technological advances.

“STEM is traditionally that science, technology, engineering and math, we transition into that solve, think, experience and make, innovative creative problem solving,” Parr said.

Problem-solving NASA is getting in on all the eclipse excitement.

“Get them sort of clued in with some of the things that we’re excited about when it comes to studying the sun, studying how the sun interacts with the Earth, and just talking about the science we do at NASA,” Mark Clampin, Director of Astrophysics at NASA Headquarters, said.

With different booths getting the younger generation amped up for what they’ll see come Monday.

“The solar eclipse is when the moon blocks out the sun from the light going to Earth,” Steamclipse participant Josiah Moore said.

And because of the darkness in that four minute time period...

“We made glow in the dark paintings on paper plates,” Moore said.

“I’m excited for looking up and seeing it,” Steamclipse participant Katie Elliff said.

Excitement for a once in a lifetime opportunity right in our area.

“I just encourage to take advantage of their total eclipse experience, whatever the weather is, what happens, it’s all stories. It’s going to be something you’re going to want remember forever,” solar eclipse children’s author Jayme Sandberg said.