Scripps Network Division announces launch of TrueReal and Defy TV

TrueReal Defy TV Logos
Posted at 10:23 AM, Jul 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-01 11:23:26-04

In the nearly 6 months since the Scripps Networks Division has been a part of The E.W. Scripps Company, it has accomplished a lot including its most recent launch of TrueReal and Defy TV.

TrueReal and Defy TV carry some of the most popular unscripted shows including "Storage Wars," "Married at First Sight," "American Pickers" and "Pawn Stars."

TrueReal and Defy TV will be available in 92% of U.S. homes and in all major markets. They will join over-the-air networks such as ION, Bounce, Laff, Grit, Court TV, Court TV Mystery and Newsy (come October).

Viewers will need to re-scan their TVs to receive the new channels. The current lineup for KXXV and KRHD:


  • ABC 25.1
  • Grit 25.2
  • Court TV 25.3
  • ION 25.4


  • ABC 15.1
  • Court TV Mystery 15.2
  • True Real 15.3
  • ION 15.4

"I want to thank everyone whose hard work made these network launches a reality, including our network operations team, our distribution folks, those in sales and creative services along with research, HR, IT and finance, and countless others," said Lisa Knutson, President of Scripps Network division.