School districts work to mitigate student learning loss amid turbulent year

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Posted at 1:28 PM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 14:28:10-04

CENTRAL TEXAS — School districts across the country are trying to get an understanding of the loss of learning that's happened to our children over the last year.

25 News spoke with both Midway and Killeen ISD to see how they're tackling the issue.

"I think the entire world is trying to figure out how the COVID closure has impacted student learning and the loss of learning, and it's been a conversation from the very beginning for our district," said Taina Maya Chief Communications and Marketing Officer with Killeen ISD.

A full year of coronavirus, coupled with recent ice storms, students and educators alike, have had a turbulent year.

"It's hard to get that time back so I think the ramifications are going to be with us for a while," said Arron Pena, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction with Midway ISD.

Actively putting measures in place to ensure students aren't falling behind, both districts are already looking towards the summer and next year.

"It is something we are going to be all hands on deck, to make sure our students will be able to be there in the next grade level, and understand what's being brought to them, and understand because we know there's been a loss of learning," said Maya.

"We keep coming up with ideas and I have a feeling we'll need to keep coming up with ideas for years to come," said Pena.

Districts explaining this year in particular STAAR Testing will be important as it's the first and only comparison of how students were performing to how they're performing now.

"I want to encourage everyone to show up and take those tests," said Pena.

Midway and Killeen are actively creating support systems for students of all ages. Killeen creating an evening academy as well as access to online enrichment programs that will be available through July.

"It's something we considered extending into the Summer months because one, parents are seeking the ability to maintain or make up their child's education over the Summer, our students are craving that, but also our educators, we're worried," said Maya.

Both districts creating plans to make sure their students are on the same page and where they should be.