Reed family unable to confirm multiple claims from Russian authorities about Marine son's condition

Posted at 6:59 PM, Apr 06, 2022

The family of imprisoned former U.S. Marine Trevor Reed of Texas has released another statement regarding the well-being of their son.

The Reed family stated they have not received proof of life from the Russian authorities since Friday, April 1, when he last spoke to his girlfriend via phone call. Since then they said they have not received any updates about his current state.

The Reed family also said they were told by Russian authorities that Trevor is currently in a prison hospital and has ended his most recent hunger strike.

Not being able to confirm the ending of his hunger strike, or that he is indeed in a prison hospital, has been a cause of concern and worry to the family, per their most recent statement.

The U.S. government has also expressed concern about Trevor's current state.

The Reeds said the last time they were told Trevor was in a prison hospital he was actually in a psychiatric ward of another prison where he was treated poorly, in contaminated conditions, and grouped with violent inmates, including those charged with murder.

The family makes clear they believe Trevor's health is declining at an alarming rate and has possibly not received any actual medical treatment. Additionally, they said the Biden administration is losing time on their son returning home and are renewing their call on doing anything that needs to be done to have him returned.

Their statement says the best option "short term" is to conduct a prisoner trade.

The Reeds also call on the Russian government again to provide proof of life and to reinstate communications, specifically phone calls, between Trevor and them.

Trevor Reed is a former U.S. Marine from Texas who was arrested in August 2019 for assaulting a police officer, according to Russian authorities.

He additionally served as a presidential guard for the Obama Administration, specifically for then-Vice President Biden. He has been sentenced to nine years in prison.