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'You are enough': Local vets honor Women Veterans Day

Posted at 2:55 PM, Jun 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-13 15:55:15-04

WACO, Texas — According to the Texas Women Report, the Lone Star state has the largest population of women veterans in the United States.

This Saturday marked the anniversary of the day President Truman signed the 'Women’s Armed Services Integration Act' back in 1948.

Indeed, female soldiers continue to play a vital role in our military today, an effort that was not always recognized.

The Chairperson of the Women's Army Corps Veterans' Association said for many years, women had to fight for their chance in the Armed Services.

Adding that at one point, women “could [only] volunteer for necessary services but they were not considered part of the military."

Leaving women to hide their identity to serve the military, “which meant they bound their breast, they cut their hair, they did whatever they could to not look like a woman,” said Veteran Eva Fulton.

Today, Women Veterans Day continues to be a day to honor those sacrifices and recognize the anniversary of the day women could officially serve in the regular armed forces.

Veteran Simonetta Brown said that women in our military are now “commanding units and commanding troops."

Brown added that women are really doing everything the men are doing at this point.

All the while, female veterans and active-duty service members continue to stick together, share their stories and provide a platform for women veterans to share their stories.

Founder of Camouflage Sisters reminds her fellow Veterans that “you are enough.”

Her messages come with the hopes of encouraging current and future active-duty women soldiers that they too can have a place to serve in our country.