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Waco veteran, WhiteHaven Canine Founder receives national recognition

Waco veteran recognized by the Evan Williams Whisky company as a ‘True American hero.’
Posted at 6:15 PM, May 31, 2022

WACO, Texas — In 2016 Alan White realized he needed a companion to help with post-traumatic stress disorder after retiring from the U.S. Marine Corp. A decision that saved his life.

Six months after he received Szva, a German Shepherd. She alerted him to a problem he never knew he had.

“I have not been diagnosed yet as a diabetic and she has literally saved my life three times since 2018,” said White.

Today, he is using his experience with canines to support other veterans just like him.

He said it is his “job to give back to a veteran to help them because I know how much Szva has helped me.”

As a Waco Veteran Alan White spent 11 years serving as a U.S. Marine Corp bomb detection handler.

His experience sheds light on the resources our veterans desperately need. According to the Military Veteran Project, 22 veterans a day commit suicide, a number White wants to see decrease nationwide and “to help get that number down in the Central Texas area."

A task that came from the heart is now leading him to national recognition from the Evan Williams Whisky company as a ‘True American hero.’

As a part of the board of directors for Whitehaven Canine Evaluators, Cierra Shipley comments on his work and the big heart he has for the animals and the community members that stop by for training,

"He has such a good heart and means so well to the people of this community that you can really see the impact he is making,” Shipley said.

Millions will now know Alan White’s story across our nation.

But for him, his mission remains rooted in Central Texas and will continue for many years to come.