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Waco Boxing Club takes home 5 championships

Coach Jaime Lemar's goal is to continue giving his students a solid foundation they can live by.
Posted at 11:27 AM, Mar 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-30 12:29:34-04

WACO, Texas — Since 1972 the Waco Boxing Club (WBC) has been providing a space for kids and adults to gain community while growing confidence, strength, and taking their local members to new heights. This is all with help from their Coach Jaime Lerma, a boxing champion himself.

At the WBC Fort Worth regional Golden Gloves, his team won five championships, but for Lerma, seeing the achievement on his students' faces was the true win.

“When their hand gets raised at the end, there is nothing like it," he said.

Lerma not only wants to build winners inside the ring but on the outside as well; instilling the importance of what is being taught along the way that can be used for the many challenges they will face.

WBC member Samuel Rodriguez said he views making bad grades as the same as losing a match- applying this principle in many aspects of his life.

"Not doing as well as I could, not doing the best I can- I take that as a loss in boxing and in life," he said.

The WBC is preparing for another competition next month. This is a chance for the eighth-ranked boxer in the country, Ve’Shawn Long, to make it to the top. Long shares his passion for defeating his opponents, climbing through the ranks, and continuing to work hard.

But for Coach Jaime Lerma, his goal is to continue giving his students a solid foundation they can live by. For more information on the Waco Boxing Club, you can visit their website here.