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Positively Central Texas: TikTok star Oli Pettigrew shares his love for Texas

Posted at 8:42 AM, Mar 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-16 08:31:06-04

WACO, Texas — With over 39,000 followers and millions of views on TikTok. Oli Pettigrew has found a home in Central Texas and is entertaining and educating others on the gems that we love. Growing his career in film and modeling, Pettigrew traveled to well over 50 countries, living in places like Hong Kong, England and Singapore.

"I was doing college in the UK for three years, I spent sort of seven months of the year in Hong Kong, and I'd be doing this sort of bit, sort of modeling here and there to make some money," says Pettigrew.

But what landed him, in Central Texas is one thing, his wife who is originally from Lorena.

"My wife and I were both working in that we had nine shows at the same time, I lived in all of this major metropolis where you have to be constantly moving constant speed than I am living in Phoenix for 8 in a half year and it is just a massive urban sprawl so you can beat this," adds Pettigrew.

Now he is making it his mission to show the world the "Real Texas." By showcasing the fun food stops like HEB and the people he encounters along the way.

Pettigrew shares "The way I describe it to people is, Waco use to be on the way to city, you drove through it on the way San Antonio, on the way to Austin, on the way to Dallas. Waco has become somewhere that people are going it is the place to come and see."

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