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Positively Central Texas: Ringing a bell helps motivate Belton ISD's youngest students

Posted at 8:10 PM, May 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-26 23:52:17-04

BELTON, TX — Belton ISD has gotten creative to bring a little joy and motivation to their youngest students.

Bells stationed around campus are there to give the students a way to celebrate meeting their goals, and it's working.

”The kids come and you know, Ms. Mitchell, I want to learn my letters, I want to learn my numbers and it’s just been a huge motivator this year,” said Johanna Mitchell, Pre-K Teacher, Belton Early Childhood School.

Ringing the bell is a reward for meeting goals with hard work in the classroom.

”When I rang the bell, I probably learned my sounds of the letters,” said 5-year-old Jamal McCoy, a student in Ms. Mitchell’s class.

It’s not just reaching educational goals that gets you to the bell, it’s also things like being kind and helpful to your fellow students. Being a good friend also earns a turn at the bell.

“When they don’t have a friend, I play with them,” said 5-year-old Sofia Gholson, a student in Ms. Mitchell’s class.

It's not just the kiddos ringing the bell that get excited to hear it, it’s anyone within earshot.

”Any time they hear the bell in the hallway, whether it’s one of our friends in our own class or another class, they're just woohoo, all excited for them,” said Mitchell.

With the year coming to an end, Ms. Mitchell has a message for her students and their families. A message that came from the heart and brought a tear along with it.

”No matter what happens, just know that we have a piece of their heart with us and we’re going to keep that,” said Mitchell.

Teachers at Belton Early Childhood School only get the kiddos for a year and to see how well the bell program has motivated them is nothing short of amazing to everyone at the school.