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Loose Screwz Car Club provides dozens of families with back-to-school supplies

Posted at 5:19 PM, Jul 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-01 11:26:04-04

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — With just weeks away from the first day of school for many counties across Central Texas, many parents are heading to the stores to buy the supplies their children need.

But, with record inflation hiking back-to-school prices by 40 percent according to the National Retail Federation, many parents are leaning on their local clubs and organizations for help.

A statement that is true for Bell County resident Ashley Todd, as she attends Loose Crewz Car Club back-to-school bash and supply give-away.

She said for low-income families like herself "it was going to be a little harder than usual because of the price hike."

Only a club of fewer than 20 people, Loose Crewz Car Club makes it their mission to support those in need.

Dozens of families lined up at Carl Levin Park in Harker Heights for school supplies and backpacks.

"Making sure the kids have what they need," said Chloe Smith as many parents are still dealing with the hardships due to COVID-19.

She continues by saying "if nothing else we can at least help them out even if it just a little bit, it is better than nothing."

For more information on Loose Crewz Car Club, you can visit their website here.