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Lions Club donation jumpstarts revitalization efforts at Stewart park

Posted at 10:45 AM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-29 11:47:53-04

The City of Killeen has been putting a major focus on repairing some of their parks that need a little T.L.C. Thanks to a recent donation, things are running ahead of schedule.

All of the newly planted trees at Stewart park are just the beginning of the Killeen Parks and Recreations plan to revitalize this neighborhood park.

Lawrence Sanchez, the President of the Greater Killeen Lions Foundation said, "We know that where there's a Lion, there's always a need."

For over a decade Lawrence Sanchez has been striving to serve his community as part of the Greater Killeen Lion's Club Foundation. 

"One club helps 18,000 people in one year, over 230 hours every year," Sanchez said.

A recent donation of nearly $6,000 dollars, is jump-starting revitalization plans at Stewart park, through the Love Your Park Day event.

Sanchez said, "We're planting trees, we're planting flowers, and being a part of that master plan."

Joe Brown, the Executive Director of Recreation Services said, "We've had a pretty robust engagement process with the community there is more that we will continue to do."

Brown is using this donation to start projects at Stewart Park. About 100 community members came together and shared their thoughts about the park's future while planting trees and learning more about the park's master plan.  

"We're not going to improve parks based solely on my ideas or council ideas or the city manager's idea. we want community input," Brown said.

"It shows that our city is starting to put more care and attention into some of these areas that may have been forgotten before," said Melissa Brown, a Killeen City Council Woman.

That future looks bright, Killeen City councilwoman Melissa Brown says it's an opportunity to turn words into action. 

"And that really helps in showing these community members and these residents that the city really does care about you, you're not forgotten," said Brown.

Sanchez said it's action, that pours into the community, and will create change.

"The need is always a lion trying to give back to the community," he said.