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Killeen Police officer cycles over 300 miles to honor fallen officers

Posted at 4:07 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-19 22:42:10-04

In honor of National Police Week, Killeen Police Officer Kyle Moore joined the Police Memorial Tour to pay his respect to the lives lost in the line of duty.

For Officer Moore, his love of cycling started as a hobby that has not pushed him to the edge not once but twice.

"Believe it or not, I've only been cycling for about two and a half years. When you're riding it obviously it gets tough, heart rates elevated...your legs are throbbing sometimes you're cramping," said Moore. "You think back, you know, ultimately this is why we did; this why I chose to do this."

For the second time, the Killeen native decided to go on a 300-mile bike ride from Virginia to Washington D.C to honor those who've paid the ultimate sacrifice. Moore was riding for two officers the City of Killeen lost in the line of duty.

"I care about this community and I care about the officers that we lost; the two great officers, and it's an honor. This ride-the memorial ride, to me, it's important that we don't forget, and we honor those people who did give the ultimate sacrifice, you know. It's important not just for them, but for their families as well, to feel like they haven't been forgotten."

The Killeen Police Department lost two officers who were shot in the line of duty in less than a year. Officer Robert Hornsby in July 2013 and Detective Charles Dinwiddie. Nationwide, the number of officers who lost their lives in the line of duty continues to climb.

Chuck Wilson, the Assistant Chief of Police at Texas A&M Central Texas said, "In 2021, the line of duty deaths for police officers nationwide is 618. And Texas, the line of duty deaths are 84. In 2022, the line of duty deaths nationwide is 107. And the line of duty deaths in Texas is 24, and that's to date and 2022."

Each of those names will soon be engraved on the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial in Washington D.C.

"We go into the darkness, day in [and] day out, it never stops. Just because Police Week has ended, that doesn't minimize the sacrifice made by every police officer-let alone the ones that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives," said Wilson.

Moore said he is already looking forward to next year's ride.