Police chase interrupts Houston golf game: Video

Posted at 1:31 PM, Jun 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-19 14:43:06-04

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) — Usually, only golf carts are allowed on the links - but a Texas golf course had some unexpected vehicles driving through it Tuesday morning.

A Range Rover to be exact - followed by a police car with its siren on.

Philip Morgan captured a video of the chase.

"We are warming up before the round and the last thing we expected to see is a Range Rover come flying over the top of the hill," Morgan said.

Stunned, confused, and amazed you can only imagine what went through these golfers' minds Tuesday morning when they saw that Range Rover off in the distance bouncing around on the Cypress Lakes Golf Course.

Not far behind and it's almost like something out of a movie watching a Precinct 4 Deputy follow in pursuit.

As Morgan pulled out his phone to get the video, his friend pointed the constable in the direction they saw the car fly by.

Precinct 4 says the driver, 20-year-old Gray Martinez, ended up crashing the car in the Fairfield neighborhood.

Sources close to the investigation say he got out with an AK47 that he dropped in someone's front yard.

Martinez was taken into custody and reports indicate he spit on the deputy.

He did have a passenger in the car, 19-year-old Trevor Passmore.

Passmore was also taken into custody and charged.

Video shoes him in a swimsuit.

Sources say he was found in the swimming pool at his home.

No injuries were reported.

"It was the best start to a round of golf that I've had in a long time," Morgan said.

"Much more entertaining than my score usually is."

Both suspects are now charged with evading arrest.