'Once-in-a-lifetime': 9-year-old girl finds megalodon tooth on Maryland beach

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Posted at 6:59 AM, Jan 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-16 07:59:58-05

(CNN NEWSOURCE) — A nine-year-old girl was fossil hunting with her family in Maryland when she made an impressive find - a massive, prehistoric shark tooth.

Molly Sampson discovered the Megalodon tooth in the water at Calvert Cliffs State Park.

The 15-million-year-old tooth is five inches long - the size of molly's hand!

Experts say it likely belonged to a shark nearly 50 feet long - almost the size of a semi-truck trailer!

Molly has been looking for a meg-tooth like this for a while-

She wants to be a paleontologist- and knows all about Megalodon sharks - which became extinct millions of years ago.

Now, Molly says she will add the priceless find to her collection of more than 400 shark teeth.