Waco man cuts grass for free, giving hope to the community

Hidden Heroes
Posted at 2:23 PM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 20:09:22-04

WACO, TX — The shelter-in-place order has many people across Central Texas on edge, but there is one Waco man doing what he can to help others take the edge off.

Kenneth Hodges is on a mission.

Since COVID-19 forced Central Texans indoors, many people are too afraid to leave their homes.

But Hodges, a real estate agent, is taking up a different trade, mowing lawns for free.

“I do have some flexibility in my time. I need the exercise and I thought why not help some people," he said.

Due to the shelter-in-place order, thousands are unable to work and pay bills.

“Right now is a time where there is a lot of anxiety, a lot of unknowns, a lot of uncertainties," Hodges said.

But in the midst of hardship, his small act is providing hope to people one lawn at a time.

"If we can always continue to show that humanity has a good side, that people are good, that they are willing to help each other, it gives us all a little bit better peace of mind," Hodges said.

Sara Richard and her husband have lived in their home for 25 years.

She said Hodges has been mowing her lawn for several years, but his help is important, now, more than ever.

“We don’t get out. My husband is somewhat disabled so he's not able to do the yard. Just to have him do the yard, the fellowship we have with him, the work he does, we really do appreciate it," Richard said.

And she hopes more Central Texans follow Hodges' example.

"Now’s the time to do it. We all should be more diligent in trying to help others," she said.

"Help your neighbor, help the enemy, help the stranger. There is no harm done in helping somebody out," Hodges said.