Tropicana debuts first-ever breakfast cereal 'made for OJ'

Posted at 3:03 PM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 16:10:05-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — For some, a hearty breakfast means buttered toast and fresh eggs... but how about some cereal "made for OJ."


Titled "Tropicana Crunch," the juice company is releasing a new cereal intended to be mixed in with orange juice and not milk.

A granola-based blend, the cereal will feature honey-almond clusters that apparently, "can withstand the acidity in OJ better than flakes."

The cereal box will also feature a "paper sipping straw inside" so the fun can never end, giving you one last chance to slurp up any remaining OJ left in your bowl!

If all this isn't appetizing enough, the company will actually be releasing the cereal for free starting May 4.

Anyone interested in taking this chance... for free cereal, may do so by visiting online here.

This "unique" breakfast option is being released in honor of National Juice Day on June 4.