Texas brewing company starts "Black is Beautiful" initiative to raise awareness for injustices

Posted at 12:27 PM, Jun 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-12 13:27:27-04

Breweries nationwide are joining together to show their support to the Black community and fight against police brutality.

The Black is Beautiful initiative is a "collaborative effort to raise awareness for the injustices people of color face daily and raise funds for police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged."

The organizers, San Antonio-based Weathered Souls Brewing Company, created a base recipe for the initiative that "was designed to be a moderately high abv. stout to showcase the different shades of black."

Weathered Souls provided the recipe for the stout base, but encouraged participating breweries to add their own spin.

Then, all proceeds from the purchase of this recipe will be donated to local funds that support police brutality reform and legal defenses.

So far, 540 breweries across 43 states are participating in the initiative. Texas has 80 breweries participating.

Participating breweries are asked to do the following:

  • Donate 100% of the beer's proceeds to local foundations that support police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged
  • Choose their own entity to donate to local organizations that support equality and inclusion
  • Commit to the long-term work of equality

"This platform and collaboration is about understanding and supporting people of color and inclusion," said the organizers, Weathered Souls Brewing. "We ask that you please stand with us to create something that has never been seen before and show the world the brewing community is one of a kind."

To find participating breweries and learn more about this initiative, click here.