Robbery of Alabama gas station turns into machete, knife fight

Posted: 11:14 AM, Mar 23, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-23 12:14:58-04

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA — A robbery turned into a knife and machete fight at a gas station in Alabama.

Surveillance cameras show how a daring robbery played out at a North Huntsville gas station.

It happened early Saturday at a Conoco on Pulaski Pike.

According to police, Seth Holcomb walked up to the counter to make a purchase.

He leaves the store then comes back in as if to make a second purchase.

That's when he pulled out a knife at the counter.

What he didn't expect was that the clerk would pull out a machete of his own.

Holcomb tries to run away at that point, but the clerk remotely locks the door.

That's when a full on knife fight broke out, tearing up the store.

Holcomb eventually escaped the store by throwing something through the window, but the clerk chased him outside.

A second suspect, Lady Nicholson, was waiting outside the store near the suspect's car.

She allegedly also pulled out a knife and began also fighting with the clerk.

Holcomb ran back inside the store and took the cash drawer out of the register, but the clerk didn't make the suspects' getaway easy.

Pounding on their car with his machete, he told police that he wanted to leave enough marks on the vehicle so that they could easily recognize it.

The suspects were able to get away, but they were arrested by police a short time later on North Memorial Parkway near a Burger King. They're charged with robbery and other offenses.

The clerk was not injured.