'Paw Patrol' receives criticism for 'good cops' messages

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Posted at 4:00 PM, Jun 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-11 17:00:43-04

The children's TV show "Paw Patrol" has received some criticism along with other TV shows and movies due to its depiction of "good cops".

Most of the criticism has been satirical, as noted by New York Times writer Amanda Hess' article "The Protests Come for 'Paw Patrol'", but others appear to be serious in their complaints against the show.

The idea of canceling the show has created outrage on social media. With criticism against media depicting police peaking following the death of George Floyd, the shows "Cops" and "Live PD" have already been canceled.

HBO Max also recently pulled the film "Gone With the Wind" from it's library temporarily in order to add a disclaimer about the movie's "historical context" in relation to slavery.