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New website matches those looking to move with communities offering incentives

Posted at 3:25 PM, Mar 22, 2021

The remote work opportunities that have been available during the pandemic are expected to stay in many industries. That may have you thinking about relocating.

Communities have been offering incentives to attract companies for decades, but now more of them are doing the same thing for remote workers.

“I think, for the first time, remote workers kind of have the economic power to sort of choose where’s economically better for them, and I think what we're going to see is that, over time, those incentives will likely come richer and richer, you know as the communities continue to compete to get that talent,” said Evan Hock, cofounder of MakeMyMove, a newly launched website that lets you see all those opportunities in one spot.

The offers include links to those posted by communities, like one in northwest Arkansas that will give you 10,000 dollars to move there, and they'll also throw in a mountain bike.

There are also offers MakeMyMove is working with communities to build, like one at Purdue University, where you get $5,000 to come live on campus if you don't currently live in the state.

You also get incentives, like access to the library and networking groups.

“It has grown to sort of a full two-sided marketplace where those remote workers can come shop for their next community and the communities can sort of promote their wares, reach those remote workers and maybe land a couple new residents,” said Hock.

Hock says to get on the site, the community has to have a tangible offer and if they find out they're not making good on that offer, they'll take them off.

There are currently 37 offers available on the site.

There's also a section of the site where you can design your move. Basically, if you don't see incentives in a place you want to move, the website team may be able to work with the area to create something if there's enough interest.