Manhattan DA subpoenas Trump Org over hush money payments

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Posted at 8:35 PM, Aug 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-01 21:35:15-04

NEW YORK (AP) — Just weeks after federal prosecutors revealed they were through investigating hush money paid to protect President Donald Trump from allegations of adultery, the probe has been picked back up by state prosecutors in New York City.

The Manhattan district attorney's office issued a subpoena Thursday demanding the Trump Organization provide documents related to payments that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gave porn actress Stormy Daniels after she claimed she had an affair with Trump.

Trump Organization attorney Marc Mukasey, called the inquiry "a political hit job" and "harassment of the president, his family and his business using subpoenas as weapons." He said they "will respond as appropriate."

Federal prosecutors have concluded their investigation of Cohen, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and is serving a three-year sentence.

Trump denies any sexual relationship with Daniels.