Man returns $27,000 after an armored vehicle forgot a bag of cash outside a bank

Posted at 12:32 PM, Jan 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-22 13:33:51-05

WESTLAND, MI — An armored security guard accidentally left around $27,000 outside an ATM at a Credit Union in Michigan.

Surveillance video shows a customer coming across all that money and doing the right thing.

"It was sitting up almost like five foot that side of that light bulb," George Condash, Good Samaritan, said.

It was at this point that an armored security guard made a $27,000 mistake - accidentally leaving an ATM cassette full of money outside of an at Wayne Westland Credit Union.

Surveillance footage shows the plastic box being left in the middle of the street, but the cameras also captured Condash stopping his vehicle to see what had been left on the side of the drive thru.

"Well first I just thought it was trash. For some reason it hit me that why don't I just pick this up so no one else has to swerve around it," Condash said.

Without any hesitation at all, Condash made the decision to take the cassette back inside but not before noticing a large amount.

The clerks couldn't believe it.

"I said is there a reward for $40,000 and I put it on their counter and they just looked dumbfounded," Condash said.

The total came out to $27,000. It was a good deed that didn't go unnoticed by higher ups at the credit union. Condash was rewarded for his honesty.

"It could've ended in a very different way for us, but Mr. Condash was very honest and a good person to return the money, so we appreciate that very much," Alicia Stewart, with the credit union, said.

Condash didn't say how much that reward was - but it's described as a small token of appreciation.