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Hurricane Bonnie makes rare crossover into the Pacific Ocean

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Posted at 10:04 AM, Jul 04, 2022

After surviving its trek across Central America, Bonnie is now a hurricane in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Bonnie, a tropical storm when it dropped heavy rain over parts of Central America over the weekend, had top sustained winds of 90 mph early Monday morning, attaining hurricane status.

Bonnie is the second “B” storm in the eastern Pacific this season. Named storms that remain intact that cross from the Atlantic into the Pacific retain their original names.

The hurricane is the first named system to remain intact while crossing over Central America since Hurricane Otto in 2016. Generally, it’s about a once-a-decade occurrence for a storm to cross into another basin.

The National Hurricane Center expects Bonnie to remain a hurricane for the next five days as it moves away from Central America.