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Handful of American veterans are working to save lives on both sides of Ukrainian border

Posted at 6:40 PM, Mar 25, 2022

While most Americans are going through their lives and feel safe in their homes, most Ukrainians are either running or fighting for their lives.

As the world watches Russia’s relentless attacks on Ukraine, more and more people around the world are coming to the aid of Ukraine and its people.

Now a handful of American veterans are doing what they do best to save lives on both sides of the Ukrainian border.

Millions have fled and thousands have died since Russia invaded Ukraine, a small group of people that risked their lives for the U.S., are doing the same for the people of Ukraine.

"We’re willing to step up and go there to continue doing the things we were willing to do for our own country for the Ukrainian people because they deserve to be treated fairly and have the things they need in their lives and we want to be part of that,” said John Valentine. U.S. Army veteran and Founder and CEO of Operation Phantom Support.

Operation phantom support, a nonprofit dedicated to helping out heroes in the military in civilian uniform, are putting boots on the ground in an operation they are calling Phantom Support Ukraine.

"We are providing medical pipelines in regards to logistic support for medical aid to be able to come in through Romania and then get up to the teams at the front lines that need it. Whether that be hospitals, trauma stabilization points, or ambulances and EMTs that are operating for civilian casualties,” said Caleb Blair, U.S. Army Veteran, and director of Phantom Support Ukraine with Operation Phantom Support.

While Caleb and his Phantom Support Ukraine team are working to build medical pipelines from Romania, American veterans with the Austere Medical Relief Group are in Ukraine, putting skills to work on more than just medical supply chains.

These veterans only wanted to give their first names due to the nature of their work in an active war zone.

"They desperately need this TCCC, this Tactical Casualty Combat Care training, and Combat Life Support training because their frontline EMTs and paramedics have never had to do combat trauma medicine and stabilization of patients,” said Daniel, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Combat Medic with Austere Medical Relief Group.

But training only goes so far, they need supplies.

"Individual first aid kits and combat medkits because they don’t have them and the interventions that we’re training them to do, they have a lack of supplies that would directly give them the ability to treat some of these combat casualties,” Daniel said.

That is where Operations Phantom Support and Phantom Support Ukraine come in but, they need help.

Especially when it comes to financing the operation.

”We need millions of dollars to really get this done. So, we hope that we have some big organizations step up and make those donations. So, we can get this done and Caleb’s team is safe, and they have what they need while they’re in-country over there overseas,” said Valentine.

While millions are needed every little bit can help save lives and keep these brave veterans safe on their mission.

You can donate to their mission via,, or