Georgia police officer pinned, dragged by DUI suspect he was about to arrest, dashcam video shows

Posted at 7:19 AM, Apr 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-11 08:24:26-04

ALPHARETTA, GA  — A Georgia police officer was seen on his own dash camera video being dragged by a suspect he was about to arrest for drug possession and driving under the influence.

The officer conducted a traffic stop on Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta, Georgia, on April 5 after he noticed the driver, 24-year-old Dennis Aguirre, driving "recklessly," according to a press release from the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.

Aguirre was then ordered to get out of his car after the officer suspected he had illegal drugs in the car and that he may be impaired due to his "responses and behavior," authorities said.

A struggle ensued while the officer was arresting Aguirre, who then got back into his car and attempted to drive off while the officer was still holding on to him, dragging him for several feet, according to the release. The officer then was able to turn the car off, authorities said.

"Our officer’s arm was pinned inside of the car by the suspect, which is why he wasn’t able to let go and disengage from the suspect," the release stated. "Once stopped, Mr. Aguirre continued to fight with and attempt to run with our officer until he was tackled to the ground and taken into custody."

Dashcam footage shows the officer struggling with the driver, who then accelerates the white sedan. After the car stops, the officer is able to get the suspect out of the car, but he breaks free just as the officer throws him up against a fence.

The officer then tackles the suspect to the ground, and within seconds several more officers arrive and assist in the arrest.

Aguirre and the officer suffered minor cuts and scratches from the incident. Aguirre was taken to the hospital before he was transported to jail, police said. The officer was checked out by paramedics on the scene and did not require a hospital visit.

Aguirre was slapped with a laundry list of charges, including aggravated assault against a peace officer, driving with a suspended or revoked license, driving while under the influence, driving with an obscured or missing license plate, possession and use of drug-related objects, reckless driving, sale of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance and willful obstruction of law enforcement, according to online jail records.

Alpharetta DPS did not release the officer's identity.