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Friends buy colorblind friend corrective glasses, the emotional moment is caught on video

Posted at 6:49 PM, Mar 15, 2022

A group of caring friends in Lincoln, Nebraska came together to buy a pair of $250 EnChroma outdoor glasses for their other friend who is colorblind. The glasses helped their friend Zane Stubbendeck, for the first time, see more than the grays, tans browns and yellows that he had always been used to.

As the Journal Star reported, the glasses were for Stubbendeck's 19th birthday. His friends all pooled their money together to buy them.

The emotional moment was all caught on camera when his friends filmed Stubbendeck as they walked outside to see the Nebraska sunset. He became emotional, shaking and started to sob after seeing the brilliance of more colors entering his eyes.

@alyssa.osorio Such a beautiful moment #foryou #fyp #colorblind #birthday ♬ Cornfield Chase - Piano - Dorian Marko

It all started with an argument over a pair of socks with a pink stain. As the Journal Star reported, Stubbendeck couldn't see the stain. So that started his friends on the path to creating a plant to get him the corrective glasses.

“That’s what I’ve always lived with,” said Stubbendeck, talking about his color blindness.