Firefighters rescue ring from grate after newly engaged couple drops it on New Year's

Posted at 11:27 AM, Jan 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-04 12:28:29-05

NEW YORK CITY — A New York man decided to ring in the new decade with a new chapter in life by asking his longtime girlfriend to marry him on New Year's Eve.

She said yes, but a few hours later, there was heartbreak when the couple dropped the ring down a grate.

Still, some New York firefighters managed to save the day.

"The ring was loose. I was going to open the car door, and I just saw it fly off of my finger and fall right here under this grate. Danny was silent for a good hour and half it felt like," Asha Cesar said.

The couple did not know what to do. They called 911 because the ring was sitting about 5 feet under the grate.

They tried to fish it out themselves for about an hour before they decided to drive to the nearest firehouse and beg for help.

"We just looked so pathetic. It's freezing. It's 4 o'clock on the morning. It's New Year's," Cesar said.

The firefighters came to the rescue.

"We got together and we got coat hangers and duct tape. And I told her as we approached, I said ma'am, this is a very advanced tool. Be careful. Stand back," Peter Morawek, firefighter said.

The “very advanced tool” managed to grab the ring. Cesar told the firefighters she was going to cry.

"I got it on the edge and she was like 'oh my goodness I'm gonna cry' and I told her don't cry yet because I might drop it. And I dropped it," Morawek said.

But after 10 minutes and a few takes, they were able to rescue the ring.

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