Family says 6-month-old dies after acquiring an infection from mold at hospital

Posted at 9:00 AM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-13 10:00:55-05

SEATTLE (KOMO/CNN) — A 6-month-old baby hospitalized for a heart problem has died.

Her mother says it happened after the girl acquired an infection from mold at the Seattle Hospital that was treating her.

Brave Beth Hutt fought all six months of her short life.

Mom Katha shared on Facebook today that Beth gained her wings on her 175th day of life.

Passing away after spending nearly all those days at Seattle Children's.

Last month we learned that Beth, who was born with a heart condition, had development an aspergillus mold infection after undergoing three open heart surgeries at Seattle Children.

The baby's third surgery occurred during the window when dangerous mold was detected on the OR’s.

In January, the Hutt family joined a class action law suit against the hospital.

Katha Hutt shared Beth’s story with us just five weeks ago.

"I'm always going to wonder if there were different interventions that could've taken place had the Aspergillus not been there," Hutt said.

Katha told us in January, Beth was struggling to recover from the surgeries because of the aspergillus infection.

We asked Seattle Children’s to provide a response the wake of Beth’s death.

The hospital told us KOMO by email:

Losing a child is incredibly devastating for everyone whose lives were touched by that child.

Our deepest condolences go out to families and loved ones who have experienced a loss.

Out of respect for privacy and our patients and their families, Seattle Children’s will not be sharing additional information.

The Hutts told us in January doctors and medical staff and have been top notch.

But that the hospital administration should be held accountable for all that has happened.

"Who's holding Children's Hospital responsible?" Hutt said.

The hospital says the mold came from air handling units in the operating rooms.

Three rooms have been upgraded and re-opened.

The rest of the operating rooms are closed.