New variant, combination of BA.1 and BA.2, identified in the UK

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Posted at 11:45 AM, Apr 05, 2022

Researchers have identified a new COVID-19 variant in the UK.

More than 600 cases of XE have been reported in the UK.

The new variant is a combination of the original BA.1 omicron variant and its subvariant BA.2.

A recombination of genetic material, like this one, is known as a “recombinant” variant.

Health experts say recombinant variants are common and can disappear on their own.

There have already been other recombinants, including XA, XB, XC and XD, which ended up not posing a threat.

Researchers are still looking at how contagious XE is and the World Health Organization is monitoring it.

However, the CDC has not identified XE as a variant of concern at this time.

It is believed XE could be more infectious than BA.2, but the WHO said more information is needed.

There is no evidence indicating that XE is resistant to vaccines, or that it causes more severe deisease or is more deadly, researchers have said.