5-year-old girl writes encouraging letters to police officers to lift their spirits

Posted: 6:33 PM, Mar 04, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-04 22:57:42-05

MILWAUKEE, WI — A five-year-old girl in Wisconsin has a passion for police officers.

So, when she learned of the death of Milwaukee officer Matthew Rattner, she knew she had to do something to show support for law enforcement.

Allison Krueger and her mom Tina are signing cards of encouragement.

But to understand why you have to step into Allison’s bedroom, which shows off her two favorite things.

She's been collecting police badges for almost half her life because she knows exactly what she wants to be.

"A K9 officer," said Allison.

So, when she heard another Milwaukee police officer had died in the line of duty, she had a question.

"She was sad about it, and she was like what can I do to make them feel better?" said Tina, Allison’s mom.

That's how the card making began. They made cards and passed them out that day.

But Allison hasn't wanted to stop.

"There are more police officers that probably feel bad," said Allison.

With the help of some friends, they estimate they've passed out almost 200 cards.

She even wanted to keep going, despite the subzero temperatures.

"We can put on jackets," said Allison.

She has wanted to keep going, for the same reason she wants to be one of them one day.

"They're nice, and they help people out, and they solve problems and cases," said Allison.

There is a GoFundMe account dedicated to the mission, so the card giving can continue.