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3 men charged after raping teenagers and torturing them with hot knives

Posted at 8:33 AM, Mar 18, 2019

MILWAUKEE — Three men are accused of sexually assaulting and torturing two teenage girls with hot knives in Milwaukee.

Prosecutors said part of the crimes happened in an abandoned house on 24th St.

Neighbors condemn the actions that happened in their neighborhood. One neighbor, Peggy McMurray, said that she would see people going in and out of the abandoned home.

She said she regrets not saying anything.

"I could have at least let them know there shouldn't be anyone there in that house at all," she said, visibly upset.

Court documents said Antwan Alexander, Wesley Brechlin, and Jarmon Turner severely abused two 16-year-old girls.

"I can't get them kids out of my mind," McMurray said.

The men are accused of bringing them to the house, having sexual intercourse, and then taking them across town to mutilate and maim them.

Court documents reveal the girls were taken 'inside a walk-in closet' where Alexander and Brechlin took turns and 'heated up a knife from the stove and burned both' girls on their ' legs with the hot knife.'

While being held down, Alexander reportedly pulled 'the skin off' of their legs and 'rubbed salt into the burns' while turner 'poured lemon juice over the burns.' with the girls 'screaming and crying'.

Alexander 'had a gun and threatened them with it, telling them they were being too loud.'

Saturday, Alexander was in court for the crimes.

Meanwhile his co-actors are set to have their day in court in the future.

The suspects face a total of 18 counts including child abuse and sexual intercourse with a child.