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Local party leaders weigh in on arrest warrants for TX Democrats

Posted at 8:22 PM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 21:22:57-04

Texas Democrats who fled to Washington D.C to prevent the passage of the controversial voting bill, now have arrest warrants with their name on them.

The Texas Supreme Court is siding with the Governor and Texas House Speaker, overturning a temporary reprieve.

There are some Democrats who have returned for the second Special Session but not all 67 have returned. So far, 52 arrest warrants have been issued for those still in D.C hoping the Biden Administration will push forward legislation targeting national voting laws. Pending arrest warrants have leaders on both sides of the aisle talking.

It's important to point out that these are civil arrest warrants, so there will be no criminal charges or fines. When Democrats do return, they will be arrested and brought to the house chamber for the second special session.

Jon Kar, Executive Committee for the McLennan County Republican Party said, "Under the Texas constitution, it is within the power of the speaker of the house and the governor to issue those civil warrants. My first thought was that it sure took them a long time to come to this conclusion, but I'm glad that they did."

William Rosenberg, who is on the state's Democratic Party Executive Committee, for District 24 said, "They do have the power to compel Democrats to return to the chamber, and to sit in session."

The power to issue arrest warrants for House Democrats is just about the only thing these leaders agree on.

Kar said, the move to arrest Democrats who fled during the first special session is long overdue.

"Who is suffering from those Democrats being away and not doing their jobs? Well the people that elected them. I was wondering why it took them so long to make that move," Kar said.

While Rosenberg said he feels this is just political theater.

"We're going to send DPS after them around a month and bring them back to the Capitol," said Rosenberg. "I look at it more as an 'okay let's get dramatic again' and let's ... throw into people's heads the thought that Democrats are not doing their job, which is just flat out not true."

With some Democrats back in the Lone Star state, and 52 arrest warrants issued, Kar said they'll have to get back to work eventually.

"When they get back, the business has to be taken care of and I think that the business will be done," Karr said.

Rosenberg said he is hoping the political theater will stop for the sake of all Texans.

"It is my dream and hope, and I think all Texas Democrats dream and hope, that we can return to legislating on matters that really affect everyday Texans rather than these politically-based issues," said Rosenberg.