Marlin City Council fires city manager after unanimous vote

Posted at 8:29 PM, Mar 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 00:14:25-04

MARLIN, TX — The Marlin City Council voted unanimously to fire their city manager Tuesday night.

At the end of a long agenda, members of the city council voted unanimously to oust the man who oversaw Marlin's day-to-day operations.

Former Marlin City Manager Alan Grindstaff shook the hands of the people who fired him, ending a long saga of problems that packed the council chambers with people wanting to see change.

Stacie Eisenbise noticed the last item involving Grindstaff on Tuesday night's long agenda and wanted to see the council take action.

"I am very interested in seeing the results of that," Eisenbise said.

People had long-complained about Grindstaff, and his lack of action on any number of important city projects, including the shape of the city's roads and water system.

"The city manager's vision and the city's vision and the citizen's vision are different, and the city council has finally made a decision, it's time by listening to the citizens to make a change based on our vision and goals,” said Marlin Mayor John Keefer.

Grindstaff will not go away empty handed. Marlin leaders will continue paying him, for now.

"There is an agreed contract that we have agreed to, so he will be paid on a buyout - a 6-month buyout," Keefer said.

Grindstaff had a contract that ran until April of next year, but Mayor Keefer said clauses in his contract likely tied to his performance allowed the council to end it early.

Keefer says the search for a new city manager will begin immediately. Marlin will hire an interim city manager until the council can find the person it wants to run the city, permanently.

"I'm hoping for some transparency some growth, I'm really looking for some change,” said Eisenbise.

As Grindstaff walked out of the city council chambers, he was asked what he planned to do next. He looked up a stern eye, and simply said, "retirement."