Locals react to Killeen Mall shooter still being at-large

Posted at 8:18 AM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 18:17:40-05

Every time Monica Silcott steps inside Killeen Mall, she remembers hearing gunshots and sheltering in place for hours.

“It is get in and get out now, no messing around," Silcott said. "Just get in and get what you have to get in get out. It’s not somewhere where you want to dabble or hangout or anything that you used to do."

Marguerite Wright was also inside the mall two weeks ago, when a shooter opened fire. She is no longer in shock but is certainly more aware.

“I’m more watchful of what’s going on around me, and if I feel uneasy and if I feel I unsure, I just won’t go and I’ll go home,” Wright said.

What both witnesses say they still cannot understand is how that suspect is still on the loose, all this time later.

“When I look at somebody in a mask, I’m looking at them through an entirely different lens than I used to," Silcott said. "I’m looking at ‘what is the character?’ I can’t see their demeanor. I don’t know what’s going on behind that mask."

Even though they are more vigilant, they plan to continue their daily activities and not live in fear.

“That experience was not something that happens every day in Killeen," Wright said. "I think Killeen is growing and we have different cultures. Different morals and values of people that live here. I think that is what makes the difference and bring it around to Killeen. I do not think it is “just another day Killeen."

With an increased security and police presence at the mall, they are hopeful the man is captured soon.

We did reach out to Killeen Police for an update on the Mall Shooting, but there is no new information at this time.