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Working from home, will it continue? Some say yes.

Posted at 10:24 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 23:24:10-04

BELL COUNTY, TX — From offices to living rooms and kitchens and from desks to kitchen islands or dining room tables.

Those are the cards most Americans were dealt with last year when the pandemic hit.

It’s a reality that didn’t escape Veshell Greene, the vice president of resource development at United Way of Central Texas.

“We found out that not only were we able to do them at home, we were able to do them at home well,” she explained. “Just as well as if we were in the office.”

She explained that at United Way, working remotely was always an option, but it wasn’t one many took advantage of.

In her case, she only worked from home once every two months or so.

Now, since experiencing quarantine life, she’s worked from home at least once a week.

“It was a connotation that if you're working from home, are you really truly working?” she said. “But because we were forced into it, we were able to adapt.”

Now, as more folks have proven that they’re more than capable of working from home, some companies are opening their eyes to the possibilities brought on by the pandemic.

“More organizations and leadership, and companies are open to that conversation of 'how do we have this work-life balance,'” Michelle Bollinger, the Director of Career and Professional Development of Texas A&M-Central Texas said. “I have proven to you that I can be productive.”

She explained that companies and corporations are more aware of work-life balance, something many say might have been a problem before COVID-19.

”How do we ease back into it allowing our employees to have that space to adjust?” She said. “It matters. It absolutely matters.”

As it turns out, working from home isn’t all so bad, either.

“I have built better relationships with our companies that run campaigns this year than any other year,” Veshell admitted.