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What's the best way to say Happy Mother's Day?

What's the best way to say those three timely words on Sunday?
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Posted at 8:56 AM, May 07, 2021
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WACO, TX  — What's the best way to say those three timely words on Sunday?

"Happy Mother's Day"

How do you say those three words in a way that really mean something? With a bouquet of flowers? How about a card?

"We started doing fruit baskets like whole fruits, to elders, or people who can't or don't need to get out of the house," Tami Ramos of Edible Arrangements in Waco said.

For Ramos, she says why not both? Mother's Day last year she says they had about three deliveries.

"I was really scared with the whole pandemic we were going to have a rough time but the community really pulled together," she said.

But at her shop this year, Mother's Day is among the busiest of the year.

"Our two holidays are Valentine's Day and Mother's Day," she explained. "And during that time we have to bring temporary workers in."

And there's a little something extra in the arrangements today, just another way to say the words.

"Happy Mother's Day"

Words that smell and taste different at Hillard's BBQ in Waco.

"Without mom I wouldn't be here," owner Nabonte Hillard said. "Been through some up been through some downs but shes mom, she's always here."

While admittedly a little camera shy, I think she'd whether it's flowers, a card, a plate or a rack of ribs. When asked, she says the best way to say Happy Mother's Day is with three other words.

"I love you."