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What to do if you want your presents to arrive by Christmas

Posted at 6:05 PM, Dec 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-18 19:05:37-05

The clock keeps ticking down to Christmas Day. That also means you have only five days left until the absolute last day to send out packages for them to arrive on Christmas

“It's just... packages. Lots and lots of packages. More than I have ever seen before,” said Amber Evans, USPS Customer Service Relations Coordinator.

In the last few days, retail stores and mail services have seen an increase in holiday customers. As last minute shoppers check off their Christmas lists, mail carriers work overtime to get packages to the right destination.

“We are seeing historic volumes this year, but we did anticipate that because we figured people would be doing more shipping during the holiday season due to people doing virtual verses in person holidays,” said Evans.

Due to the pandemic, mail services across the United States have seen the busiest holiday season yet. While some deadlines have already passed, there is still have time to get your presents under the tree if you don't mind paying extra.

“What has past is our retail ground. That deadline was December 15. Currently, the deadlines to still get packages shipped, First Class is December 18, which is today. Priority Mail is December 19, and Express Mail is December 23,” Evans explained.

To make sure your packages don't get delayed, lost or broken, makes sure it's properly packed and clearly addressed.

“With packaging, use either peanuts, bubble wrap, something inside to protect the contents as well, but use a durable box. Something that won’t break. Also never guess what the zip code is. Always put the correct zip code. That is very important. Our machines read zip code up then address next,” said Evans.

The absolute last day to get those packages sent? December 23 by two-day, Express Mail shipping.

Now remember, the longer you wait to get those packages sent, the more it could cost you. For USPS and their Express Mail service? That price starts at $23.25.