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'Wacotown Chalk + Walk' unites artists and small businesses

Posted at 8:26 AM, May 09, 2021

WACO, TX — Colorful chalk art transformed Austin Avenue as local artists and small businesses create a masterpiece of community support through the Wacotown Chalk + Walk festival.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and say we care that you survived we care that you thrive, we want to be part of the exuberance and the vitality that comes when we bring small businesses and artists together." says Fiona Bond, the Executive Director of Creative Waco.

Artists painted various designs both on the road and on building walls representing small businesses like Margrit Co.

"Events are where you connect with customers and have face to face conversations and tell your story, and Waco showed up today and I'm gonna cry because it's just so great." says Maggie Blair, the owner/designer for Margrit Co.

The recycled glass jewelry design business that works with special needs young adults.

She says Margrit Co. had a rough year because of the pandemic and that events like the art festival are priceless.

"It's been a really long road and going into next year is going to be make or break for us and we're really excited to finally be out and thankful people showed up today for us" says Blair.

Over 100 vendors set up their tents showcasing what their business has to offer, who partnered with some 50 artists that were there to their story through chalk.

"I was like i hope my art is good enough that people want to come and buy from you. I hope they stop and say this is nice.... Oh by the way i want to go over there and buy a s'more." Christal Peterson, a local artist who was partnered with the Waco chapter Links Incorporated.

Peterson says the business's slogan is "linked in friendship, connected in service" and her mural represents just that.

The event runs May 8th, 10am - 7pm and May 9, 10am - 5pm all while building new relationships in the community and exposure that's been so needed over a year that's forced so many businesses to close it's doors.

"Waco is a special place the people are nice, everybody wants you to feel welcome and included, and i think this event captures that perfectly." says Peterson.