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Waco motorcycle crash kills one, local groups teach riding safety

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jul 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-20 18:50:59-04

Texas is known for its high number of fatal motorcycle crashes.

Family and friends of Brenda Northcutt are mourning her loss after a Sunday ride with her son ended in tragedy.

48-year-old Brenda Northcutt was known for her love of family and willingness to be there for anyone in need.

”She would be the person who would give her shirt off her back to you if you needed it, if you needed gas money or anything,” said Krystal Lewis, Brenda’s cousin.

After hitting a curb, Brenda lost control of her motorcycle hitting a tree. The crash happening just a day before her birthday.

”The whole reason she was riding yesterday is because it was going to rain today and today is her birthday. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to ride today so that’s what she wanted to do yesterday with her son,” said Lewis.

Tragic accidents like Brenda’s are why groups such as the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders are doing what they can to teach people how to ride properly and most of all, safely.

”We train with police motors units and then turn around and teach the public the same course that the police pay 20k and officer to take, we teach the public to take that course for free. It's typically called the north western course,” said Luis Rodriguez, National President, Wind Therapy Freedom Riders.

Their course teaches riding skills from beginners to experienced riders because they believe better riding skills is even more important the wearing a helmet.

”Our philosophy is, rather than forcing you to wear a helmet, we would rather teach you not to fall, teach you not to crash,” said Rodriguez.

But even if you are an experienced rider, riding safely can mean the difference between a fun ride and a family tragedy.

A cost that Brenda’s family is now having to pay.

”Be cautious, know where your bike is, know where you're at and wear your helmet,” said Lewis.

Riding classes like the one offered by the Wind Therapy Freedom Riders won't substitute for required license classes, but they could save your life.