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Update: U.S. Post Office on 19th Street closed after possible overnight fire

Posted at 3:21 AM, Aug 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-08 10:51:51-04


WACO, Texas — The U.S. Post Office on 19th Street in Waco is closed after a possible fire overnight.

The Battalion Chief on scene tells 25 News two employees showed up for work and noticed smoke in the building around 3 a.m.

Several fire trucks arrived but firefighters tell us there were no visible flames.

No one was hurt.

Investigators are looking into the source of the smoke.

The sign on the door now says the building is closed.

No word yet on when this location across the street from McLennan Community College will reopen.

In the meantime, if you get your mail there, you will be able to pick it up tomorrow at the main post office on Highway 6.


Waco firefighters responded to reports of smoke at a Waco-area post office.

Firefighters were called to the 4400 block of N. 19th St. early Monday morning.

Two employees called them after entering the building and seeing smoke.

When fire officials got there, they only found smoke.

They could not find any source for the smoke, or any flames.

No one was hurt.

It's not clear right now whether the building suffered any damage.

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