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Veterans helping to combat food prices

Posted at 12:22 PM, Jun 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-18 20:07:45-04

Food prices are once again on the rise making it even more expensive to put food on the table.

Times like these is when the community comes together, especially the veterans in Central Texas.

The folks here at Cleaton’s 4E Farm in Kempner are partnering with other local veterans to make feeding families just a little bit easier.

Retired Army veteran Damon Cleaton started Cleaton’s 4E Farm to help his fellow veterans and the community eat healthier at a more affordable price than the grocery stores.

”We grow produce, nursery items and fresh cut flowers," said Cleaton. "We also do a lot of education and training for veterans.”

As a veteran Cleaton is all about serving his community and knows that hunger, is a battle that can be won.

”You know that’s one of those basic needs that people have, they want to know where their food is coming from and if they can afford to feed their families and they fail to look at other options that they have within the local community.” said Cleaton.

Cleaton is doing what he can to make an impact but, he’s not the only retired veteran that is trying to serve his community by making better food more affordable.

There are other local veterans like Steve Cook, cattle rancher and owner of Cook Beef Cattle.

”I’m trying to get quality product to the locals because I know what it’s like to buy groceries for folks. So, better quality at a lower price.” said Cook.

Though helping to make food more affordable is a goal, selling food is not the only way Cook is trying to help.

They are also helping feed those in need.

”We do that through the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Farm Fresh program, where we can actually take our product to local schools, daycares and adult centers to help feed them.” said Cleaton.

They also work with multiple veteran’s programs and organizations to help teach them agriculture and provide a little dirt therapy.

The goal is to make transitioning into civilian life a little smoother, teach them new way to make money, and be self-sustaining. But, they need the community to help keep them going and expanding.

”Going out and buying ad supporting your locals so we can keep do what we’re doing," said Cook."Then as demand increases and you realize that you can buy local and not have to go to the store, it will open up opportunities for other producers, small produces."

The big take away, is that buying your food from local producers like Cleaton’s 4E Farm and Cook Beef Cattle can save you money and help give back to your community while putting food on the table.

It is also a way to make sure that we are all supporting our nations heroes after they take off the uniform.